The Company

THOMASI Group started activities by manufacturing sliced veneers in 1952. In 1955 it expanded business with sawn timber production focus mainly foreign market. Since 1976, upon implementation of its industrial park in plywood area, THOMASI invests and develops technological solutions in wooden panels.

THOMASI has been preparing for the globalized market for a long time. One of the most significant signs of this process is its adaptation and establishment of standards, which made it internationally competitive while guaranteed the fulfillment of the most stringent quality standards of worldwide products.

The international economy fast transformation provided excellent opportunities for THOMASI to participate in different markets with high aggregate-value products thus making possible its lower dependence on the commodities market.


THOMASI has identified opportunities, researched and segmented prospects such as to guarantee that the company met the customer needs on a differentiated way.

So, THOMASI designed a wide strategy for the Products such as to meet international market needs by optimizing its performance. Its activities are focused on SPECIFIC SOLUTIONS IN PLYWOOD VENEERS AND WOODEN PANELS.

THOMASI focus on MARKET NICHES related to WOODEN SOLUTIONS, keeping a high quality standard for each segment it participates.


    • Concrete forms – civil construction
    • Truck side panels and floors – automotive
    • Mezzanines – civil construction and architecture
    • Partitions – civil construction and architecture
    • Signaling venners – road signaling


  • BBOES, Plastform HDO 100/30 , Plastform MDO-333 and Superplastform: Concrete forms.

    Paintform: Truck side panels, sidings, billboards and job site enclosing.

    Siteform: Job site enclosing. (site hoaring)

    Deckform and Deckwall: Mezzanines.

    Inwall: Partitions.

    Visualform: Signaling venners.


In these more than 60 years of market presence, the company has served with high quality products more than 25 countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas.


THOMASI is aware that investment in technology is essential to maintain its production level with a differentiated quality standard controlled by efficient management tools.

This systemic integration is achieved through the concern with and protection to the environment and the search for its team qualification.
By believing in a sustained management, THOMASI employs the most modern practices and technologies to reforest its already exploited areas with the use of state-of-the-art seeds.

The company is self-sufficient with respect to raw-material supply, which is obtained by means of standardized methods in the 45,000 hectares of THOMASI proper forests.

All raw materials drawn from the forests are controlled and monitored according to the most stringent sustained management standards. Added to this investment picture, are equipment technology as well as extraction technique developments.


THOMASI believes successful companies work in harmony in the development of new projects and in close proximity to customers, suppliers, society and local communities.