Summary of the tests according to NIST Performance Standard PS 2 - Performance Standard (Voluntary Product Standard) - U.S. Department of Commerce Technology Administration - NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF STANDARDS AND TECHNOLOGY.

Products Tested:

- ¾ 7ply 7layer (G-1 Rated) MDO Amescla Plywood
- 5/8 7ply 7layer (G-1 Rated) MDO Amescla Plywood
- 11/16 7ply 7layer (G-1 Rated) MDO Amescla Plywood

Important: the product achieved a satisfactory result in all tests performed.

The information in the test report also refers to boards with "films" (coverings). To better understand and use information in the report it is important to look at the whole results rather than using "parts" of it, such as to avoid mistakes or misinterpreted results.

Pertinent tests:

1) Dimensional Tolerance
2) Thickness
3) Shearing Strength
4) Bending Strength
5) Elasticity modulus

Special Notes:

Thomasi S.A has a special system to control panel thickness, density, bending strength, stability and endurance properties.