Process Thomasi


THOMASI, as adhered to the globalization context, uses modern and efficient Production Management concepts to manage it production activities at its industrial unit in União da Vitória-PR.

THOMASI production installed capacity reaches approximately 2,200 monthly cubic meters of plywood boards and wooden panels, which enables it to offer quality products at competitive prices.


THOMASI foresting reserves summing up 45,000 hectares among native and reforested areas are rationally explored by means of "sustained management" modern techniques. This expressive volume of forest reserves guarantees uninterrupted self-supply to its industry. Aware of the importance of environmental preservation, THOMASI maintains extensive reforesting areas of PINE WOOD in Paraná and Santa Catarina states.


THOMASI adopts a strict control in each one of its manufacturing process stages, from storage of trunks to be plated up to dimensional and visual conformance checking of its products. It makes use of state-of-the-art automated equipment, such as MINAMI "joiners" that guarantee that the activities related to "plate joining" take place with no defects, avoiding formation of "gaps" inside and at board sides. Equipment such as the calibrator sander enables to control maximum variation of 0.5 millimeters among boards.


Gluing process of plywood boards uses resins from supplies certified by ISO 9001. THOMASI control laboratory tests all received products such as to assert gluing stability property of plywood boards and wooden panels according to its internal standards.


Plywood board calibration and squaring follow guidelines and standards as established by PS 1-09 (USA) and NBR 9534-86 standards. By functioning under C.E.P. - PROCESS STATISTICAL CONTROL - these operations are regularly checked at each 12 boards and/or panels, and hinder any deviation related to established parameters.


THOMASI has as its philosophy to search for new products and technologies according to international standards. An example of this is PLASTFORM MDO-333 product, a plywood board for concrete forms that fulfills endurance and performance international standards with sales worldwide. THOMASI achieved TECO certification for its boards in 2000. This certification warranties that the products comply with PS 1-09 (Structural Plywood) Standard, a mandatory requirement for the specification of products for structural uses. Industrial units are quarterly inspected by means of certificatory technical visits.